How To Make Money Online With Facebook

After MySpace, Facebook has become the world’s top favorite hangout spot. If you are like any regular person, you would most likely have a Facebook account and spend most of your time skimming on your newsfeed, playing games, using apps, searching for updates on your favorite celebrities, or chatting with friends.

Yes, you might actually be spending longer hours on Facebook much more than you think. In fact, an average user would stay on Facebook for at least 59 minutes a day but most people can stay on all day or all night long.

Do you know that Facebook isn’t just for socializing as you can also monetize it in a lot of ways? Check out the plethora of options on how to make money online with Facebook:

  • Buy, sell, and trade online. There are tons of Facebook pages and groups used for selling items online. You can also resell items at a higher price that you buy at a lower cost from a group. You can directly sell items on your Facebook page and promote or share it on other groups or exchange links with connections. While there are so many online sellers or traders mushrooming on Facebook, this is still regarded as one of the most profitable ways to earn on this platform especially if you also build your following on Instagram.
  • Become a brand ambassador. If you have established yourself as an industry influencer or authority online and have a Facebook page with a legion of followers then you can offer your services to big brands that are related to your niche. These brands would often be the one to offer you the brand ambassador role (depending on your fan base) so you could promote their brand and share it with your followers on Facebook and other social media sites.
  • Affiliate marketing. There are many brands or companies that offer affiliate commissions when people click on your link and make purchases. This would generate more interest and following especially if you promote products and services that are in line with your niche.
  • Promote websites. There are companies that would pay you for every 1,000 visitors that you send to their website. All you have to do is post images or links that are provided by the company itself and you will be paid for the visitors you send. Prices vary but would usually range from $4 to $8 per 1,000 unique visitors; and would depend on the level of engagement and number of active followers that you have on board. This is a pretty passive income because it would take just a few minutes a day to populate your page with promotional links and images that are already proven to be viral.

Communication has also become two-way in the sense of gaining insights on currents news events. Facebook has made a social impact for both personal and business functions because it has created a community that is larger than life. With Facebook, you can collaborate and react freely to anything posted on the platform.