How To Get More Likes And Followers On Facebook

Getting more likes and followers on Facebook as with other social media sites should follow an obsessive type of engagement. It should be consistent and authentic for people to connect with your every post.

Social media marketing is an important facet of your business. Why go to Facebook for marketing your business? Well, because half (if not majority) of your target market is there. Come to think of it, of the 2.1 billion people who use the internet, 1 billion is socializing daily on Facebook. It’s a numbers game, and Facebook has won!

While social media marketing is huge, gaining likes and followers on Facebook isn’t a walk in the park but a thousand followers or more can be achieved by following the steps of top influencers who have done it for their own social media accounts. Here’s a complete rundown on how to get more likes and followers on Facebook:

  1. Completely fill out your Facebook page details. People would be able to verify and evaluate your brand’s legitimacy just by looking at how detailed your business information is laid out on your page. Treat your Facebook page as your main site and fill out your profile as thoroughly as possible to gain the trust and confidence of your followers and customers. Let them know that you can be reached anytime or in your stated business hours to prove that you are reliable and care enough about your customers and will be able to address concerns promptly.
  2. Identify your target audience. This is very important for a business. In order to maximize your Facebook page, you should know who to target. If your business is focused on baby accessories then save that in your audience for Facebook Ads. Create like 6 more versions of your target audience using different keywords to target a wider audience related to your niche.
  3. Research competition or similar pages. Your competition can teach you a thing or two with boosting brand presence and revenue. Go to the pages of well-known brands (similar to yours) or your competition pages to check on their posts. Research on what types of posts gain more likes, comments, and shares. Make a list of these posts and you can schedule posts that are similar to these popular or viral posts from other sites.
  4. Be consistent and visible. People are naturally drawn to authentic and consistent engagement on Facebook and other social media sites. Ideally, your followers or customers would love it if you populate your page or post for at least 4 to 6 times each day.
  5. Boost your posts. It’s now time to boost your posts and start the ripples of likes and shares. Choose to boost your posts for small amounts only for 1 day. Choose to boost images first because this is what generates the most reactions and shares on Facebook. Videos come in second. Make sure to boost all your posts so you can review their costs per engagement. Go back to the posts that performed well and boost them with increments in amount.

People don’t generally want to feel used for liking pages. Your followers or likers should be organically drawn to your posts because they genuinely like your brand or product lineup and not just forced to do some action. You can also offer freebies like digital downloads or vouchers to your followers as a form of gratitude for liking your page. You can also run contests on your page as a form of incentive for your followers.