How To Advertise On Facebook

Do you know that 1 in every 5 minutes that people spend on mobile is used on Instagram or Facebook? And that is the United States alone.

Facebook took a mind-blowing leap from being just a social hangout to being your brand’s online advertising channel that does it all. Facebook advertising is undeniably effective because you can’t deny the results. In fact, you can’t deny Facebook success with its 2 billion monthly active users (and still exponentially growing).

Data is big and that’s where Facebooks get most of their income too. The data of its 2 billion users which consists of their age, location, occupation, status, or even interests are used to bring its users targeted ads with events, product, or services that they would be interested to buy or sign up for.

How do you champion your way to Facebook Advertising? Check out the steps on how to advertise on Facebook:

  1. Create a Facebook Ad account for your page. If you don’t have a Facebook page yet then make one first. Next, create a Facebook Advertising account. To know how to better serve ads for your fan base, you should keep your page active and your followers engaged. Know what exactly they want to achieve or are looking for from the page – and deliver results.
  2. Add Facebook Pixel on your website. If you have a website, you can add the Facebook Pixel which allows you to optimize your remarketing lists and you can also customize it according to on-site action.
  3. Check on the Facebook Relevance Score of your ads. Sometimes it can be confusing whether your followers would eventually translate into customers. One way to find out is to check your posts for its Facebook Relevance Score or the degree at which your posts generate negative and positive feedback from your followers. Depending on the results, you can then fine-tune your posts to suit your target audience and drive better engagement.
  4. Select the right ad format that suits your brand and audience. Different ad formats garner varied responses from people. Some would find it captivating while others could just flip and ignore. This is how it works for most people but you can grab the Facebook Ad-Type Cheat Sheet so you would know what ad formats would most probably work for your brand and audience type.
  5. Make stunning ads that convert. If you are using videos and images for your ads then you already know how the advertising game is played on Facebook. Do note that images and videos get the most positive responses from Facebook users than mere links or updates in text form. Combine a compelling copy with irresistible visuals will boost your sales and drive conversions in no time.
  6. Select bidding and budget for Facebook Ads. Bid within your budget but never underbid on Facebook. You can however overbid because Facebook will not charge you more than your actual bid. Combine a compelling copy with a targeted audience and you sure will get a generous profit stream from Facebook.

Around 96% of Facebook marketers regard Facebook advertising as one of the best paid options out there. If you are using Google AdWords then use it in tandem with Facebook Advertising to reach more people and grow your revenue stream. The above steps just showed you the way on how to advertise on Facebook. Once you reach the bottom, just rinse and repeat.