How to Promote Your Animated Explainer Videos with Facebook

One of the best things to happen to online marketing has been explainer videos. The simple to follow mini video commercials are everywhere you look. Companies, individuals and all types of websites are using them as a way to connect with their audience. The explainer videos are engaging, easy to follow and highly successful when it comes to ROI. In addition, explainer videos deliver when it comes to a website’s SEO (search engine optimization) and much more. One of the best things about the audio visuals is that they are easy to create and often inexpensive. Of course that all depends on which type you choose to go with and which company or tool you select. Top rated video production companies such a SquareShip can provide help in that department.

In the event that you have already created your explainer video, the next step is promoting it. Social media provides a great platform for you to do so. But exactly how do you go about promoting your explainer videos on sites such as Facebook? The truth is that Facebook has more than one billion users actively on the site from all over the world. This facilitates an enormous audience for your business, brand or company. Facebook has video ads incorporated into their newsfeed. Because of that, anyone who wants to promote their animated explainers videos, can do so easily. Outside of Facebook, the only other site bigger when it comes to online video referral sources, is YouTube. The following options can be used to promote your animated explainer videos on Facebook.

Use Video Ads

For marketing your custom explainer videos, the video ads option on Facebook is one of the best choices. You can reach a particular audience based on specifics you choose. You need to keep in mind that Facebook and YouTube ‘views’ are different. Facebook implements automatic video playing, unlike YouTube. That means that when users on Facebook see a video on their newsfeed and spend more than 3 seconds on it, that counts as a view. The social media’s analytics use these views as a way to select which videos end up at the top of people’s timelines. This works very well for those internet marketers.

Part of the reason Facebook is such a great place to promote your individual or company explainer videos, is targeting. You can choose where the audio visual ads will be seen, by whom and when. Also, for how long as well as other targeting specifics. There are many benefits of explainer videos usage and promotion. Every time you or your company want to promote a new product or something else, the ads can help. You can use funny explainer videos or low cost explainer videos to do get the job done.

Marketers who use Facebook to promote their top explainer videos, love how much leeway they have on the site. The social media monster lets you choose demographics based on several criteria. You can target things such as viewers gender, lifestyle, age, job titles, relationship status and educational levels. Besides these options, there are several others you can go into deeper. This allows anyone to be precise in their targeting. Once you have your product explainer videos or individual custom one, the next step is uploading it. Facebook even lets you choose your own thumbnail image. That allows you to use something else besides any images from the explainer video itself. Remember that Facebook has instituted the ‘Auto-play’ feature on videos seen on their newsfeed. That means as users scroll down on their newsfeeds, videos will play for 3 seconds automatically. It is why your explainer videos have to be engaging and eye-catching in the first few seconds.

Facebook Trends

A few years ago, Facebook began to use what it calls the trending section. This feature lets users see what the latest in news and trends are. Users can choose to see posts and stories that are presently trending or popular. Marketers all over love using this to their advantage. The ‘Newsjacking’ as it is called, is a great algorithm when it comes to marketing strategies. What that means is that you can create product explainer videos or custom explainer videos based on stories which are trending. The only setback to this option is that you need to act fast when making your explainer videos. Doing so will ensure that your animated or live action explainer video is ranked higher. That will allow it to be seen in people’s newsfeed higher than others.

Facebook also allows marketers to use the featured video alternative. Using this option lets you make any major announcements via the explainer videos. If you don’t know how, there are several ways you can create explainer videos online. You can also find some explainer videos software for free or without spending too much. Other options includes using a reputable explainer video creation company or a freelancer. Irrespective of which method you use to make explainer videos, the important thing is to get in on this highly profitable trend.